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rachunków demo

Mając otwarty rachunek demo otrzymujesz dostęp do wszystkich usług i zalet rachunku realnego z tym, że inwestujesz środki wirtualne.
Rachunek demo pomoże Tobie w zrozumieniu zasad na rynku, poznaniu platformy i spróbowaniu nowych wskaźników i strategi.

Akcje i premie na realnych rachunkach

  • Payback is a new Grand Capital loyalty program where every client can receive a monetary compensation for active trading.

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  • We offer superior service for the selected clients actively trading with large volumes. Once total balance of your account reaches 50,000 EUR/USD, you receive VIP status* and get access to exclusive benefits Grand Capital has to offer. Learn the details from your manager.

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  • Payment systems that you use for making deposits into your trading account take fees for the conduction of financial operations. On the average, they are about 2–10% of the total sum, or more. We at Grand Capital always strive to create better trading conditions for our clients. That’s why we compensate the commission of all payment systems* and return the difference to the client’s trading account.

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